About Us

Life wasn’t the same until Nathaniel came into our lives. He brought us joy, surprises, tears, worries, and also not forgetting lots of fun! As first time parents, we strongly believe that kids learn through play. Children learn through all this tireless play to learn to connect events, feelings, memories, thoughts and learning together into experience and to file it away in their brains under certain symbols. Through play, they learn to symbolize their experience.

As Nathaniel grows up, the toys that suits his needs changes. From infant toys, to walkers, building blocks, transportation and imaginative play, it is non-stop buying of new toys!! 


Here at Nathaniel Toys, we sell toys that Nathaniel loves. From water play, sand play, role playing toys, to his favourite cars, tracks, train set etc. And of course, the theme is “We sell toys Nathaniel loves” and therefore you may find that we do not sell girl toys rather more toys for little boys.